Most Common Residential Plumbing Emergencies In Columbus, OH!


There are all sorts of plumbing emergencies that arise within residential plumbing systems throughout Columbus, and all of them pose seriously stressful situations on homeowners.

Although most homes have dependable plumbing systems that can withstand the test of time for several decades, mishaps occur, and we all need professionals to turn to when things go awry.

Below are some of the most common residential plumbing emergencies that happen throughout the Columbus, OH metro area that homeowners should be aware of:

Toilet Clogs

It’s always a troubling sign when your toilet doesn’t flush, and this typically is connected to pipe clogs deep within the system’s depths. There are all sorts of causes associated with toilet clogs, but when they’re neglected, they can often end up developing into flooding and other emergency scenarios.

This is why you should always reach out to your local plumbing team when plunging doesn’t alleviate the clog, because you could potentially have a serious problem on your hands that requires professional-grade drain cleaning equipment.

Tub & Sink Clogs

The same type of clogging can occur within sinks and tubs as well, and these issues can pose inconveniences at best and emergencies at worst. When your sinks or tubs aren’t draining at all, it’s a warning sign that a blockage has occurred that’s clogging up the entire pipeline.

There are even risks of water damages associated with these types of clogs due to added pipe pressure, so it’s important to get this situation checked out by an expert as soon as possible.

Pipe Bursts

Pipe bursts frequently happen in colder climates where outside temperatures can contribute to pipe fragility, and Columbus homes often experience bursting pipes during the heart of the winter.

A lot of homes with older pipes are more prone to burst emergencies, and when a pipe bursts, you can count on significant water damages ensuing if not taken care of immediately.

Hot Water Heater Malfunction (No Hot Water) 

No one enjoys taking cold showers, so it’s a significant plumbing dilemma when a hot water heater has stopped producing hot water. No hot water in your home can also negatively impact your washing machine and dishwasher as well.

Broken dip tubes, heater element breakdowns, and sludge buildup are the main causes of full-on water heater malfunctions, and your local emergency plumbing team will be ready to address these needs when they come up.

The truth is that water heaters malfunction all the time throughout Columbus, so you can get yours back up and running within a day or two no matter how bad the issue is!

Failing Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are very important for your residential plumbing system because of their ability to pump excessive rainwater away from your basement and foundation. That’s why sump pump failures in the summertime are particularly worrisome, because doing nothing could leave your property susceptible during the next storm.

There are many reasons why a sump pump might fail, but no one should neglect these failures due to just how big the consequences could be. Foundation flooding can potentially cost thousands to repair, so you’ll need an immediate plumbing emergency appointment to get your sump pump back to normal again when it’s acting up.

Damaged Water Line

We all rely upon our municipal water lines or well systems to provide our properties with clean drinking and cooking water, so when a water line breaks, it leaves your entire household in a dangerous situation. Your water could start coming out of your faucets slower than it should, and your faucets could sputter out really quickly.

But no matter what symptoms are helping you recognize a damaged water line, it’s a plumbing scenario that must be addressed as quickly as possible via emergency services.

You simply cannot risk the quality of your home’s drinking water, so protecting your water lines is something you should take very seriously!

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups often come with ensuing smells that indicate their presence, but when sewage does actually start coming into your home via your toilets, it’s about as disastrous as it gets.

This is of course very smelly and nasty-looking, but it also poses significant health risks to your entire household. So, you’ll need to reach out to your local plumbers as soon as you can to get the backup alleviated and to return your plumbing system back to normal again!

Reach Out To Yoder Plumbing When You Need A Residential Plumbing Team In Columbus, OH!

There are a lot of reasons why people need residential plumbing experts during emergency situations, and no one can ever neglect the overall gravity of plumbing emergencies. Neglecting these types of scenarios will only make matters much worse, which can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

The plumbing specialists at Yoder Plumbing have supported the Columbus, OH area for years, so you can speak to them via the link at the top of the page when you have more questions about what to do during a plumbing emergency!

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